04/ Projects

Lumiverse™ embedded mapping player works with Projects. At the beginning of your work, create a New Project, or duplicate an existing project to use existing mapping geometry. You can also duplicate project to create a backup of your work (the equivalent of the Save As function).

Smooth Image Transitions
When switching between projects containing many objects, flickering might appear. To fix this problem, you can set your device to load all data first and open the project with a little delay after the User’s Input (click) with a smooth image transition. To enable this feature, navigate to Lumiverse UI/Projects and open the Project Sub-Menu (three dots) and hit Project Setting (settings icon) and enable the Preload function. This will delay Project-to-Project transition and make it smooth. If the transition is still flickering, you may need to increase the Preloader Time parameter. Navigate to Lumiverse UI/Settings/Advanced/Preloader Time and try increasing the preload timer from 10s to 15s.