08/ Mapping Editor

Note: Editor affects the geometry of the currently active Project. Make sure you select the right Project or create a New Project before you enter the Editor.
How to use the Editor:
Switch Lumiverse to ON state. Navigate to Lumiverse UI/Editor. Here’s where most of the design work is done. Hit (+)

Add Object in the bottom right corner of the screen and add some media from the Library. An object with square corners will appear in the middle of your editor. Also, the projector is now projecting the media. You can drag corners of the object (blue squares) to resize (scale) the item.

Open the Top Bar Menu and switch the top right controller from Scale to Mapp state.

The corners of the media frame change from blue squares to blue circles. Now, you can drag these corner circles to control the perspective deformation of the object. When you have an object selected, most of the functions are hidden under the Edit Menu. Press Edit Object Button and a new submenu will appear.

In the top bar navigate to the Editor Symbol Tab. The most useful function is the Change Source fx. You can simply change the media in the frame.