Group of Projectors


You may need to connect many projectors together to work as one. With the Group Method, you can scale-up the brightness of your project. In order to access all group features, a Group of Projectors has to be created. The Group Manager is not yet available in the Lumiverse UI. Please contact with a request for device grouping. Once we group the devices for you, you will be able to access all group features of your projectors.

Note: Even with the Group of Devices created, you can also use your projectors individually. The Group od Devices doesn’t limit the single projector’s functionality.

Note: A projector device can only be assigned to a single Group. In order to attach a projector to a new Group of Projectors, the device has to be removed from the previous Group.

Note: After the Request for Device Grouping was sent to, you will receive the Group Web Address, where the Group Control UI will be available for your specific Group of Projectors.