The Playlist Object might be used to play several video loops on repeat. Also, the playlist tool can be used to cut and weld video. The Playlist Object works with Video and Images. (doesn’t support Apps </>)

How to use the Playlist
Open Lumiverse UI/Editor hit Add Object

and navigate to Apps </> Tab /Tools and select Playlist.

A new empty object with a little Playlist Icon under will appear in Editor. Select the Playlist Object, and hit Edit Object.

Now, you see the complete Playlist Control. You can add items from your Media Library and organise your playlist. You can also trim the video with the Playlist.

Note: You can also create a playlist from an existing Object. The Lumiverse Player plays all videos in a loop by default. However, sometimes you need to play the video only once and then end the video. For that purpose, you can Convert Object to Playlist. Select Object in Editor and hit Edit Object, navigate to Editor Symbol and find the Convert to Playlist button. How to program a playlist to only play video once? In Playlist, change the setting from Autoplay to Trigger Events. Navigate to Program and Add New Rule. Set the rule like this: Always, Trigger: End, Action: Stop. Hit Ok. Now, when the video ends, the playlist will stop. You can use the Playlist to build simple programs like this.