Group Control


In order to access the Group Control, you need the Group of Projectors set-up first.

What can Group Control do?
The Group Control is a special Lumiverse UI, that send commands simultaneously to all projectors in the Group. Group Control can simultaneously switch between Projects. The Group Control can create and edit Projects and switch the Lumiverse Projection On/Off. The rest of the functions are controlled in the devices locally.

Important Note: We recommend managing Projects from Group Control, rather than individually in each projector. In order for the Image Synchronization to work, the name of the Project needs to be the same on all devices. If you experience troubles with Image Sync within a Group, make sure that the current project name is the same on all devices.

Note: Scheduler is not yet available in Group Control. In order to Schedule several devices for an Automatic Playback, you have to create the Scheduler Task in every device involved.