03/ Image Settings

NOTE: You may use the project configurator to simulate the situation before you start actually placing the projector on site.

Aim projector towards the illuminated object. Switch the projector on. Open Lumiverse UI (my.lumiverse.com) and hit the Power Button (top right corner).

Switch Projection to ON state. The device will open the Sun Shield and start the Projector.

Navigate back to Lumiverse UI Main Menu.
Navigate to Settings/Focus & Zoom.

Hit the Show Pattern Checkbox to display the Grid Pattern.
Use Zoom and Focus controls to adjust image size and focus. Make sure you use the smallest zoom value possible to illuminate your screen. This way you optimize the system for maximum illuminance (brightness) and maximum image resolution. (using bigger zoom than needed equals wasting projectors energy)
When done, uncheck the Show Pattern Checkbox.
Note: Global Image Settings of the projector such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Color Balance, etc. are available under Settings/Image.