Media Upload

LAZR4G projector comes with an embedded mapping player. The native format of the integrated player is HAP in the container .MOV. This format supports Video Alpha Channel. You can upload media to LAZR4G via Lumiverse UI (If you need to upload large files, we recommend connecting LAZR4G to LAN cable Internet, to save mobile data). If you upload a different format than HAP, the video will be automatically converted to HAP. LAZR4G can also play static images such as JPG or PNG.

How to upload media?

Use Lumiverse UI and navigate to the Editor. In the Editor, hit Add Media (+) button in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Navigate to MY folder.

Hit Upload New at the bottom of the screen and locate desired media. In the editor, you can see a Progress Bar. The process of uploading media consists of three phases. Phase 1 – Upload, Phase 2 – Convert (if native HAP format this is skipped), Phase 3 – Download.
If Phase 3 – Download fails, you may try to restore the process in Lumiverse UI/Settings/Device Storage.
Each LAZR4G device has 400GB of media storage available. Max single file size 5GB. (If your video larger, cut it in pieces and than merge via Playlist in Lumiverse)