HDBaseT Long Cable


HDMI cables mentioned previously, are limited in length. In case the distance between the computer and the L A Z R projector exceeds 15 meters / 50 feet, we recommend using the HDBaseT Converter near your computer and convert the HDMI signal to an HDBaseT signal. The HDBaseT protocol allows for 100m / 330 ft cable length. (800 m / 2625 ft with 8x multi hops)


Mulitiprojection and edge-blending are available via an external computer with multi-HDBaseT graphics output and with the use of 3rd party mapping software such as Madmapper, Resolume, Watchout, etc.

i: French company Videmus has presented a media server using Dataton WATCHOUT with six channels HDBaseT output integrated.

*This set-up requires an external media player